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Dinesh D'Souza Book

Is America a source of pride, as Americans have long held, or shame, as progressives allege? Beneath an innocent exterior, are our lives complicit in a nationalproject of theft, expropriation, oppression, and murder, or is America still the hope of the world?

New York Times bestselling author Dinesh D'Souza says these questions are no mere academic exercise. "America the Inexcusable" is the view taught in our schools, preached by Hollywood, and shaping the policies of the Obama administration. If America is a force for inequality and injustice in the world, they argue, its power
deserves to be diminished; if traditional America is based on oppression and theft, then traditional America must be "remade" -and the federal government can do the "remaking."

D'Souza, an Indian immigrant to this country and proud American citizen, fears for America's future. He loves this country and fears that unless the progressives' anti-American arguments are met forcibly and on their own terms, America will cease to be the beacon of freedom and hope that it always has been.