The Rational Bible: Genesis (Autographed Hardcover)

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Why do so many people think the Bible, the most influential book in world history, is outdated? Why do our friends and neighbors, and sometimes we ourselves, dismiss the Bible as irrelevant, irrational, immoral, or all of these things? This explanation of the Book of Genesis, the first book of the Bible, will demonstrate that the Bible is not only powerfully relevant to today’s issues, but completely consistent with rational thought.

High Praise for “The Rational Bible: Exodus”:

“To say that this book has strengthened my faith is a gross understatement. Simply put, I wish he would offer his insight on the entire Bible, both Old and New Testament!”
-Amazon Reviewer

“Prager is one of our best thinkers writing today. He takes deep subject matter and explains it perfectly. Highly recommended.”
-Amazon Reviewer

“It is impossible for this book not to change your life. You will become a wiser, happier more successful human being. Relevant to atheists and agnostics, learn why the bible changed human civilization into the decent society we live in today.”
-Amazon Reviewer

“His commentary on Exodus is so much more than I expected. Not only does he illuminate each verse of the book, he also lays out the historic and social context of the words so you can see how revolutionary and freeing these words are. Please read and share. I guarantee you will be enriched by it.”
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Hardcover: 520 pages
Publisher: Regnery Faith (May 7, 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1621578984
ISBN-13: 978-1621578987