Limited Edition 1953 Ohman US Constitution Lithograph (Original Lithograph – Not a Print)

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1953 Ohman US Constitution Lithograph

  1. Rare – 70-Year-Old Constitution Lithograph
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Commemorate its history and importance!

Display yours and bring attention to how it serves us all today.

Get your 1953 Ohman Lithograph of the US Constitution TODAY!

A private collector is teaming up with Salem Media to offer our listeners rare and limited lithographs of the U.S. Constitution. These works of art were printed in 1953 by master lithographer Theodore Ohman. Ohman was a Bohemian immigrant who came to America in 1912. He appreciated his adopted country and what it stands for.  He used his master printing skills to create an exact replica of the Constitution. Beginning his effort in 1948, it took him five years of painstaking work to finish this masterpiece. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of this special lithograph, Salem Media Group has the exclusive rights to offer rare, one-of-a-kind Constitution prints to our listeners. The timing of this special offer couldn’t be more relevant. Our very way of life is under threat. We all should be reminded of the U.S. Constitution and what it stands for.  Displaying one on your wall and gifting your friends, family and teachers will help the country be reminded of our Freedom.  This special Ohman print is   70-year-old magnificent work of art created by a man who was raised in a land where freedom was only a dream. A man who eventually came to America, where he was given the right, granted to him by the Constitution, to live his dreams. There are a limited number of original Ohman prints available.

Theodore Ohman was a Bohemian immigrant who learned the art of lithography from his grandfather in Germany.  He became a successful engineer and was living the American Dream while he became captivated with the US Constitution and how it served him.  He was obsessed with restoring the document back to its grandeur.  It took Ohman 5 years to perfect the printing blocks to showcase the signatures of the US Constitution and the originality of the frayed document.  In 1953, Ohman printed a limited number of these special Lithographs.  Salem has partnered with the collector to make these available to our special audience.  He knows these will be displayed proudly.  Celebrate Constitution Week by getting your very own 1953 Ohman US Constitution Lithograph.