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These are special signed copies of the book by Dennis Prager

Why do so many people think the Bible, the most influential book in world history, is outdated? Why do our friends and neighbors - and sometimes we ourselves - dismiss the Bible as irrelevant, irrational, immoral, or all of these things? This explanation of the Book of Genesis and Exodus, the first and second books of the Bible, will demonstrate that the Bible is not only powerfully relevant to today's issues, but completely consistent with rational thought.

Do you think the Bible permitted the trans-Atlantic slave trade? You won't after reading this book.

Do you struggle to love your parents? If you do, you need this book.

Do you doubt the existence of God because belief in God is "irrational?" This book will give you reason after reason to rethink your doubts.

The title of this commentary is, "The Rational Bible" because its approach is entirely reason-based. The reader is never asked to accept anything on faith alone. As Prager says, "If something I write does not make rational sense, I have not done my job."

The Rational Bible is the fruit of Dennis Prager's forty years of teaching the Bible to people of every faith, and no faith. On virtually every page, you will discover how the text relates to the contemporary world and to your life.

His goal: to change your mind - and then change your life.

The Rational Bible: Exodus
Hardcover: 608 pages
Publisher: Regnery Faith (April 2, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1621577724
ISBN-13: 978-1621577720

The Rational Bible: Genesis
Hardcover: 520 pages
Publisher: Regnery Faith (May 7, 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1621578984
ISBN-13: 978-1621578987