United States Of Socialism (Autographed Hardcover)

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Dinesh D'Souza Book

A specter is haunting America- the specter of socialism. Suddenly, almost out of nowhere, we encounter a mélange of strange socialist characters- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Bernie Sanders- and a whole political party that seems magnetically drawn toward the socialist camp. This development by itself is surpassingly strange, because socialism is arguably the most discredited idea in history...

Slavery lasted for centuries -even millennia - before it was recognized as a thoroughly wicked and tyrannical regime of human exploitation. Socialism, which dates back to 1917, when Lenin founded the world's first socialist state, has had a much shorter shelf life. It too collapsed across the world because the people who lived under it considered it to be a form of slavery..

No serious person today could advocate the return of slavery. How ridiculous it would be to hear someone say, "The failures of slavery were all failures of implementation. This time we're really gonna make it work!" Yet here we have socialism in America attempting a comeback, and on precisely those terms: this time we're gonna get it right. Serious people advocate it; there is a sustained cultural push to apotheosize it; a major political party is pushing aggressively toward it. How is this possible? Apparently, socialism means never having to say you're sorry.